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Want to Double Your Throughput?

Improving throughput is almost always a goal in plants in every industry, since increased throughput leads to lower costs and increased profits — and who doesn’t like that? Often, managers assume that a significant increase in throughput is only possible with a significant upgrade in machinery — or maybe in staff. Calculating the ROI gets… Read more »

How We Repair Indramat Rexroth Equipment

Rexroth does not sell parts to third party repairers, meaning that unless you’re getting your part factory repaired, you’ll be getting Indramat parts of dubious origin. We’ll let you imagine how third party repair shops get their parts for repairs. That’s why we provide factory repair services—we believe the best people to repair and replace… Read more »

Industrial Security

Industrial security is top of mind these days. As the Industrial Internet of Things connects more machinery, there are more opportunities for insecurity — or are there? There are two different kinds of security issues. One is the malicious hacker, the industrial spy, the saboteur. Realistically, it’s hard to stop someone with skills who is… Read more »

Indramat Personality Modules

Imagine that you could be bold and articulate for that meeting you have coming up, then shift to suave and charming for a date, and then shift easily to chill and fun for a trip to the lake with friends. When you imagine this, you have to additionally imagine that you make this change easily,… Read more »

The Indramat-Powered Home-Made Goat-Milking Machine

  Indramat servo motors are used for many things in many places, but this story — heard in a chat room so who knows if it’s true — is one of our favorites. There was a goat farmer in Namibia, with a farm some 50km outside of Windhoek. He raised Boer goats for meat, and… Read more »

Do You Need a Rexroth Hero?

Producing your quality product and getting it out the door into the hands of customers is your ultimate goal. If you can’t meet demand, you’re not ready for the big time in mass market retailers. If your Rexroth servo motors or drives fail, that failure will leave you with slower production, missed shipments, and an… Read more »

How to Avoid Indramat Rexroth Downtime

Avoiding downtime with your Indramat and Rexroth equipment is probably high on your list of priorities or maybe right at the top if you’re in charge of Rexroth or Indramat maintenance. So what are our tips for ways to avoid downtime? Do routine checks on cables Just because your Rexroth equipment has been running without… Read more »

Medical Robots

Robotics-assisted surgery is now mainstream in modern hospitals, with the Da Vinci platform in use around the world. The Da Vinci system isn’t robotic surgery, though. It can’t be programmed, it can’t make decisions, and the surgeon is still at work throughout the operation. The Da Vinci system allows a surgeon to work comfortably at… Read more »

The First Servomechanism

James Watt, as we probably all know, was the first person to invent a servomechanism. A servo is of course a system that uses automatic feedback to regulate aspects of the system. While Indramat was a pioneering participant in motion control in the 20th century, the first servo was James Watt’s steam engine. The Newcomen… Read more »

Rare Earth Bubble: How Consumer Pressures Lead to Sloppy Engineering

Rare earth elements were the darlings of industrial motion control in the 1990s and early 2000s, providing the power for permanent-magnet synchronous motors. Then a variety of political and economic factors drove the price of rare earth elements up, leading to the boom and bust in rare earth a couple of years ago. One of… Read more »