Advancing Automation Productivity

Automation increases productivity. With machines, manufacturers can produce more goods in a shorter period of time. This is one of the key reasons that automation can increase the number of available jobs rather than taking jobs away. It’s also the reason that automation can improve general standards of living, allowing ordinary people to buy goods that — if entirely handmade — might be too expensive for anyone but luxury buyers.

Rexroth has just produced a new white paper that lays out the things you really need in order to make sure that auto motion does increase productivity. They might not be the first things you thought of.


Rexroth defines this as “Industry-specific, application-driven solutions.” Rexroth is one of the oldest and most authoritative companies in the field. They have designed and implemented solutions for many of the most important engineering achievements in the world, from the Eiffel Tower to NASA’s autonomous robots. Their expertise is unparalleled, and it shows in the solutions they develop.

The expertise in your own facility may not be as sweeping ins cope, but it is equally important. Decisions about how to design and implement solutions should not be based on sales pitches. They should be firmly grounded in relevant, industry-specific expertise.

Freedom and openness

This might be a surprising one. Rexroth explains that this means “Technology harmonized to support customization and easy integration.”

Often, you have lots of options for any given machine when you decide to automate. Getting all the machinery to work together, with the other machines and in your human workflow, can be the challenging part.

Rexroth has long been a champion of open source industrial engineering that allow your human workers to use the devices and machine language they already know well. Proprietary protocols and closed systems interfere with customization and create obstacles to scaling and upgrading solutions in the future.

Flexibility allows you to make the best decisions for your specific situation, and to respond to changes in the market, the processes, and the world.

Speed to market

“Making it easier to develop and deploy new machines faster” is obviously a good thing. We always enjoy following new technologies in automation and seeing the grand future possibilities, but we also have to acknowledge that many of the most exciting announcements in robotics are…well let’s say premature. It can be years before the thrilling headlines actually refer to anything beyond early proof of concept.

You want cutting edge technology, but you also need simplicity and practicality. Look for solutions that can be implemented in your real life situation, when you need them. Simplified commissioning and integration are essentials.

Full lifecycle support

“Complete solutions across the full system lifecycle” is the way Rexroth explains this point. Rexroth drive and control components are famous for their resilience and longevity. We have plenty of clients who have had their original components in service for decades and we help make sure they stay functional for as long as possible.

People joke that this is a problem with Rexroth components –since they don’t break down and can be factory repaired and remanned to be like new or better, most facilities don’t have engineers who know how to troubleshoot Rexroth machinery.

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