Don’t Have Time to Wait for Indramat Repair?

Our competitors take their sweet time repairing Indramat servos, often taking a week or more to get parts back in working condition. When you’re rushing to complete orders for the end of the year, you simply don’t have time to wait. That’s where our 24 hour emergency exchange comes in for broken Indramat or Rexroth parts.

If it ain’t broke, we’ll send it to you

We have a wide variety of Indramat and Rexroth servomotors and servo drives on hand. When you have an order that can’t wait weeks, or even days for that matter, 24 hour turnaround time is a lifesaver. All of our emergency Indramat replacement parts are in “like new” conditions, with the same quality you would receive if you decided to opt for a regular repair.

And with Rexroth Indramat, that means you get a new warranty and in-factory repair or reman. We keep emergency replacement units on hand to replace your faulty units. We have the largest selection in the country.

Factory repair

Regular repairs with our company go through the Rexroth factory. Since Rexroth doesn’t allow third-party companies to have new parts—in fact, you can’t even order new parts—they’re the only ones who can repair a servo to its original condition. Other servo repair companies that don’t offer factory repair use scraps from other projects and you really have no idea what you’re getting.

Why is that a problem? The parts are of a questionable nature, in the very least, and might fail again once you get them weeks later. If one week of downtime is a problem and you pay a premium for a quick turnaround time, it’s even worse when that part doesn’t work. Even if they have great customer service that assures your part will eventually work and they’ll keep at it till it does, that won’t complete your orders.

If you’re short on time, call us and we can get you a replacement “like-new” Indramat or Rexroth servo part in 24 hours, direct to your floor and in working order.

24 Hour Turnaround

Factory Repair services available with 24 hour turnaround.

Call (479) 422-0390 for immediate assistance

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