Error when Checking Error Codes

  • Indradrive error codes include a group that start with the phrase, “Error when checking.” For example,
  • F3130 Error when checking input signals
  • F3131 Error when checking acknowledgment signal
  • F3132 Error when checking diagnostic output signal
  • F3133 Error when checking interrupting circuits

In general, these are problems with the safety system.

For example, if you don’t have the safety technology correctly activated in one of the axes, you will get a message that there has been an “Error when checking acknowledgement signal.”

All axes in a single safety zone have to acknowledge activation before the safety zone can be considered functional.

With Indradrive, though not with the legacy Indramat units, you can get detailed information about the problem by evaluating parameter P‑0‑3219, the diagnostic safety technology message.

Causes of the problem

Failure to activate the safety system is a likely cause of this message. This is why your machinery won’t function when this error code is showing.

However, there are other possible reasons. For example, a cable might be broken. One of the drives might not be connected to the master drive. There could be a short circuit that prevents proper communication.

Check all these possibilities before you conclude that your drive is broken.

If your drive is broken

While there are plenty of other conditions that can lead to this error message, it is possible that your drive is broken.

What should you do if that is in fact the problem?

Just as you shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that your drive is broken, you also shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that you need to buy a new drive. Buying a new drive — especially if your unit is a legacy component, in which case fitting a new unit into the old space can be a headache — is not always the best choice.

Instead you should consider factory repair or reman. Factory repair brings your unit back to you as good as new, with the issue repaired using original parts. Factory-trained technicians with the original specs do the job, and you can be confident when you use the component.

Factory reman is even better. All wearing parts are replace, and the rest of the unit is thoroughly cleaned. Since the most recent parts are used, your reman part is probably an upgrade, and you’ll get a new warranty, too.

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