Emergency Repair for Indramat or Rexroth Equipment

The world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, has got some new competition, the Cheetah robot made by Boston Dynamics. The Cheetah Robot is now the fastest legged land robot in the world at over 29 mph, smashing the previous record set in 1989 by MIT’s 13.1 mph record. Cheetah is a tethered robot, meaning that it’s… Read more »

Robot Swarms of the Future

It might not be too long down the road when we’ll start seeing swarms of robots making big impacts in manufacturing tasks. A recent video from the University of Sheffield, posted below, shows what kind of things we can already do with robot swarms. There’s a lot of advances in swarm theory, which is the… Read more »

A/C Units for Indramat Drives

It is said that the sole purpose of a propeller on an aircraft is to cool the pilot. If you don’t believe that, let it stop turning and watch the pilot start sweating. The same could be said for the fans and A/C units on your cabinets and Rexroth Indramat drives and motors. You might… Read more »

Maintaining Spindle Motors

Some people don’t work on brushed servo motors anymore because they think they’re a thing of the past. While disco might be dead, brushed motors aren’t. If you’ve got Indramat spindle motor problems, there are a few thing you should check as trouble spots. One of the main problems for brushed motors is, well, the… Read more »

Playing with Servos?

Indramat servomotors are for serious motion control but we know people also love playing with little servomotors for fun on weekends. This video from Make Magazine captures the fun of hobby robotics. We like to play, but we know it’s not fun when your servomotors stop working. When you need Indramat and Rexroth support, call… Read more »

Survive a Robot Revolt (or just an Indramat one)

Have you ever thought about what would happen if those machines suddenly got minds of their own. Some folks at Epipheo interviewed Daniel H. Wilson, the world’s foremost expert on Roboapocalypse, and asked him questions on what you should do in the case of a robot attack. Because we care about your wellbeing and that of… Read more »

Cookie Or Cream-The Robot Way?

Cookie or Cream? A bunch of scientists have been doing research on how to automate cookie and cream separation while we’ve been spending our time repairing Indramat and Rexroth equipment. Our favorite is HERB, a personal butler robot who lives at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. He’s got quite the personality. Of course,… Read more »

Cool Study on Hands

Hands are pretty important things in life. We use our hands to repair Indramat and Rexroth equipment. Humans use them for so many things, including misdirection. Wait, what? It turns out, due to a scientific study in the open source peer reviewed journal PeerJ, that magicians are successful because we focus on their hands. Penn… Read more »

Motion Control Holidays

GM made a little video showing how its robots can wrap presents. The video doesn’t make it look as though robotic wrapping would increase efficiency at Santa’s workshop significantly, but it does make a point about the importance of industrial motion control. If Santa’s elves let robots wrap those presents, the result would be more… Read more »

Hot Topics in Motion Control for 2012

What’s been big news this year in motion control? Here’s our Top Five: Energy efficiency Economic upturn Safety focus Skills gap Cloud potential   Did we miss your favorite? Add it in the comments!

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