Cool Study on Hands

Hands are pretty important things in life. We use our hands to repair Indramat and Rexroth equipment. Humans use them for so many things, including misdirection. Wait, what? It turns out, due to a scientific study in the open source peer reviewed journal PeerJ, that magicians are successful because we focus on their hands. Penn… Read more »

Motion Control Holidays

GM made a little video showing how its robots can wrap presents. The video doesn’t make it look as though robotic wrapping would increase efficiency at Santa’s workshop significantly, but it does make a point about the importance of industrial motion control. If Santa’s elves let robots wrap those presents, the result would be more… Read more »

Hot Topics in Motion Control for 2012

What’s been big news this year in motion control? Here’s our Top Five: Energy efficiency Economic upturn Safety focus Skills gap Cloud potential   Did we miss your favorite? Add it in the comments!

Rexroth Joins an Adventure

Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ polar expedition, The Coldest Journey, will be the first attempt to cross the Antarctic during winter. Previous attempts have made it no further than 60 miles, but this expedition plans to cover 2,000 miles over a period of six months, mostly in the dark and at temperatures nearing 200 degrees below zero…. Read more »

Motion Study Here we learn how engineers used to amuse themselves at dinner parties… and why it’s better to automate.

The Skills Gap

We specialize in Indramat servo motors, drives, and controls. Usually, new clients find us when they open a cabinet and find a component that says “Indramat” on it. It’s often older than the engineer on the floor, and since it has never broken down before, nobody knows how to troubleshoot it. If you ever find… Read more »

Color of the Year, and Why We Don’t Care

International color authority Pantone has announced the Color of the Year for 2013. It’s Monaco Blue, the shade you see here. While many of us already have overalls in this trendy shade, we mostly don’t care. Oh, we might care on a personal, non-work level. I mean, I don’t know anyone who does, but I’m… Read more »

Good News for Motion Control

The Motion Control Association says shipments of motion control products are up over last year. It’s about a 2.3% increase, the same as the U.S. GDP. Some categories of products are higher — feedback and sensor devices, for example, are up by more than 22%. It’s good news, and we can all use some good… Read more »

Flying Robots Motion control films are an under-appreciated genre, as we’ve pointed out before. Here, the edgy choice to shift POV during the film balances the whimsical decision of the robot to pause briefly for a still shot before placing the brick. While an attempt to add a bit of emotion at the end is not… Read more »

Pneumatic vs. Electric

We specialize in electric servos, drives, and controls from Indramat, now Rexroth-Bosch. So why are we even mentioning pneumatics? Because we’ve recently seen discussions of how packaging plants are switching from pneumatics to the smoother electric servos. Is electric better than pneumatic? Electric can be more energy-saving, since compressors usually produce pressure that is not… Read more »

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