Candy and Servos

As Halloween approaches, candy makers are ramping up production to make sure American kids have plenty of candy. Plenty, in this case, means $2,600,000,000 dollars’ worth of sugary goodness. Manufacturers mostly rely on packaging to make everyday Snickers and Twizzlers say “Halloween,” but there are also some special products for Trick or Treat. Hershey’s is… Read more »

Halloween Candy Decision Making

If you haven’t bought the loot to hand out to Trick or Treaters yet, you probably have it on your shopping list for today (or somebody in your household does). What are the factors used to make decisions about this extremely important buying choice? Research by Field Agent shows that one of the top issues… Read more »

The Scariest Movie Robots

In real life, robots aren’t all that scary. Follow basic safety rules (not that most of us do) and you can coexist with your servos and robots just fine. In the movies, it’s different. In honor of Halloween, we present some seriously scary robots: 1. Ash from Alien 2. The Drone Sphere from Phantasm 3…. Read more »

Record Industrial Robot Use

A new report from the International Federation of Robotics shows that 2.7 million industrial robots are now in service at factories. This is a global record. How did we get here? It’s not the robotic upsurge we’ve all been expecting because of the pandemic. Between 2014 and 2019, there was an increase of 85% in… Read more »

You’re Not Allowed to Make Rexroth Repairs?!

When you check the Rexroth Troubleshooting Guides for instructions on Rexroth repairs — and we’ll be happy to provide you with one — you are likely to see announcements like this: “Only Rexroth service engineers are allowed to replace the control section.” Allowed? Your Rexroth electric motion control components belong to you. Why would you… Read more »

Seaswarm: Why Do Robots So Often Disappoint?

The range of jobs robots can theoretically do keeps growing. One of the most desirable is cleaning up oil spills. Researchers have been looking for ways to delegate this job to robots for years. One MIT project, Seaswarm, sent out swarms of oil-drinking robots to gather oil in nanowire meshes. Powered by a solar panel, each… Read more »

Rexroth Scholarship Recipients

Greenville Technical College students Melissa Giles and Santino Longobardi are this year’s recipients of a $1,000 Bosch Rexroth Endowed Scholarship. This is the second year for this scholarship, which is given to students working in the area of advanced manufacturing. Giles majors in construction engineering technology and works for a firm that offers architecture and… Read more »

Rexroth Error Codes: The Excessives

Rexroth error messages are made up of a diagnostic code and a diagnostic text. For error F2028, “F2” and “28” alternate on the H1 display. In the diagnostic message, it shows as F2028. F2028 is one of the “excessive” — error codes that tell you there’s too much of something. In this case, it’s too… Read more »

Rexroth Error Codes: Changes

Some error codes aren’t about flaws and breakdowns. They’re just about changes. Changes that didn’t go exactly right. This can come up when you first configure your Rexroth motion control systems, or when you make changes or replace components. Examples of changes F208 UL The motor type has changed. This is the message you get… Read more »

Giant Alien Robots in Area 51

Scott C. Waring, a self-described ufologist, has found giant alien robots in Area 51. You can see them yourself. Type the exact coordinates into Google maps: 37°13’26.26″N 115°49’2.37”W See right next to the map pin, the outline of a giant alien robot? A military giant alien robot, if you believe Scott C. Waring. You can use… Read more »

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