Rexroth Degree of Hazard Warnings

degree of hazard

Usually when we talk about Rexroth warnings, we’re talking about error and warning codes. These are the messages your Rexroth machinery sends you when it’s overloaded, overheated, or generally kaput. Degree of hazard isn’t an issue, though degree of inconvenience may be.

But Rexroth is also very concerned about human safety. There are warnings at many places in Rexroth manuals. But the warnings are not all alike. They show the degree of hazard by using different icons.

Look at the chart above to see the possibilities.

Degree of hazard

At the bottom, you see the “Caution!” warning. This warns of the potential for material damage — harm to non-living things. You can wreck your machinery by carrying on when you see this message. Bodily harm — injury to living things with bodies — is also possible.

Next up comes the “Warning!” message. Never mind about non-living things when you see this symbol. Death is a possibility, along with severe bodily harm. Note that this warning says that death or bodily harm MAY occur. It’s still not certain.

At the top of the chart is the “Danger!” message. When you see this message, you can bet your boots that the danger is very serious. Death or bodily harm WILL occur. Back off.

The devil is in the details

In a crisis situation, it’s easy to see the triangle and exclamation point without noticing the difference among the hazard levels. After all, is “danger” always worse than “warning”? Not always. Do you have ANSI Z 535 memorized? Maybe not. With Rexroth machinery, however, the distinction is meaningful.

Quick thinking is often required in an industrial setting. But quick thinking works best when it’s the result of practice and deep understanding. Take the time to learn these degree of hazard markers now, so you will be ready in an emergency.

Another suggestion for your safety: if you think you might be in over your head, give us a call. We specialize in Rexroth electric industrial motion control systems. We have extensive experience with new and legacy components. And we’re happy to help. Contact us when you need Rexroth service and support.

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