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Posted on 24, April 2017

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Rexroth EFC 3600 Variable Frequency Drive/blog

Rexroth’s EFC 3600 variable frequency drive (VFD) series is intended to improve energy efficiency and extend machine service life. It was also Rexroth’s first foray into the low-cost, high-volume industrial motion control market.

The EFC 3600 has a high intermittent overload capacity of up to 200 per cent, as well as high initial torque of up to 150 per cent, plus load dependent adjustment of the voltage and frequency curve. What’s more, they’re easy to install and configure.

Rexroth is better known for top of the line custom motion control, but they’ve applied that top-drawer experience to this off-the-shelf series. The result is an affordable option with the excellence Rexroth is known for.

The VFDs are available for use with devices from 400 W to 4 KW. Up to .75kw, the EFC 3600 can be used without cooling fans. Beyond that level, integrated fans are included. No other peripherals are needed, since the VFD includes integrated brake chopper and mains filter, so the compact EFC 3600 delivers the functionality you need with a minimal footprint.

There’s also a removable operating panel, which allows parameters to be set without a PC. Connectivity is easy, too, using Sercos, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, or Modbus/TCP.

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