Rexroth for CPG

Automation World has gotten excited about Rexroth’s new focus on consumer packaged goods (CPG).

One the one hand, given that Rexroth motion control powers space vehicles, the Eiffel Tower, and the Panama Canal, CPG may seem too small to get excited about. On the other hand, those packaged products make a big difference in the lives of people all over the world. You want to be able to buy baked beans and toilet paper conveniently in packages, right? Rexroth does a lot to keep that happening efficiently, effectively, and sustainably.

So what’s new?

Automation World points out that there is no lack of automated solutions for CPG manufacturers and packagers. The problem is integrating all the different facets. For PACK EXPO International 2022, Rexroth is exhibiting pick-and-place robots, conveyors, autonomous mobile robots, and perhaps most importantly an open, app-based automation platform that brings everything together.

The exhibit shows the interplay of conveyor belts, collaborative robots, and autonomous mobile robots carrying pallets to and fro.

Rexroth has long been a champion of Open Source in industrial automation, and the current exhibit demonstrates the value clearly.

It also features ctrlX Core, which supports multiple familiar machine languages. There will be a three-axis ctrlX Drive linked to a ctrlX Core industrial PC which will run in real-time. This platform has been around since 2019, but it will still be new to many visitors at the expo.

New smart linear robots and the always excellent Rexroth hardware and software will also be part of the mix. Rexroth will be at booth S-1620.

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