Rexroth Is Carbon Neutral

In 2020, Rexroth celebrated 225 years since they began making knives with a water-power forge. In their anniversary year, they also reached their goal of becoming carbon neutral in production at all 400 locations around the world.

They were first globally operating industrial enterprise to reach carbon neutrality, and they are now sharing what they’ve learned with other companies.

Looking toward 2030, the company is now working on reducing emissions upstream and downstream in their supply chain.

Rexroth has been proactive about the environment for many years. They have had the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) provide an independent audit of their targets for reducing emissions using science-based best practices as reference points.

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This kind of news reinforces our commitment to Rexroth. We have always been Rexroth specialists, because we believe that they make the best motion control solutions on the planet. Their corporate responsibility initiatives are just one more reason for us to stick with them.

Chances are you have Rexroth drive and control systems somewhere in your facility. They’ve been supplying ultra-reliable components for so long that most places have at least a few.

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