Rexroth Retrofit Case Study

When a machine lets you down, you have to consider replacing the machine entirely. When you call around to get information on this, you will probably talk with sales people. Their solution is almost always to buy new — sometimes to buy a whole room full of new stuff in fact. They make that fresh start sound appealing and tell you about all the exciting NEW features the NEW equipment will have.

Once you come down from the dream, though, the cost can be an unwelcome shock.

Do you really need NEW?

Sometimes the new item is just hat you need, but sometimes you can retrofit effectively. Rexroth is expert at collaborating with other companies, whether it’s to build amazing new things or to retrofit the machinery you already have in your facility.

A recent example shows why.

Rexroth was called in to help with a Motion-Waterjet CNC cutting machine that was behaving erratically. It was stilling strong, mechanically, but the control system was unreliable. Since the machine was unpredictable, the owners had to outsource the work normally done on that machine.

Obviously, this cut into profitability.

The owners wanted to keep as much of the CNC machine as they could. The machine had a built-in control cabinet, which limited the size of the control system they could consider. They wanted support with installing the new control system. And they also knew they’d need help with programming.

Fortunately, Rexroth could help with all these elements. Rexroth has experience in projects big and small all over the world and beyond, so Rexroth was a great partner for this project.

Rexroth is flexible

The company wanted to keep their servo motors. Fortunately, Rexroth’s CNC controller and servo drives integrate well with 3rd party servo motors, so this is not a problem.

IndraMotion CNC controllers and IndraDrive CS servo drives were chosen for the project. Rexroth drive and control technology always comes in a wide range of variations, so it’s easy to find the right models for every need.

The modular design also streamlines the process of integration and installation.

Field service

Many parameters had to be commissioned in the field. IndraDrive firmware is up to the challenge, and Rexroth’s customer service is second to none.

The combination of these factors allowed the CNC machine owners to get back up and running with minimal downtime, and to save money.

Before you jump for the new, let us help you determine whether retrofitting or even reman will meet your needs. Contact us with any Rexroth service or support requirements.

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