Robotic Muscles

A company called Clone Incorporated has created extremely lifelike artificial muscles with an eventual goal of building a full-body robot with human-like capacity.

“Our goal is to make universal robot with endless possibilities,” they explain at their Patreon page. “We want to make it cook, clean and make ANY WORK you tell him to do. Construction is based on human skeleton and artificial muscles. At the same time we develop a prosthetic arm with direct nervous interface to recreate all the possibilities of human hand.”

Polish roboticist Łukasz Koźlik is the driving force behind Clone Incorporated. He wants to create a factory in Poland to produce the artificial muscle-based robot. At present he is working to get enough online patronage to allow him to work on the project full time.

His YouTube income might provide more support, though. Clone Incorporated does not appear to have a website or any consumer-facing presence beyond its YouTube channel.

Is it real?

The arm is definitely in uncanny valley territory. It is enough like a human arm to creep out an average viewer. It’s pneumatically powered with warm water and runs on electricity.

However, it appears to be a mechanical device, not an actual robot. There is no information available to suggest that it is programmed for autonomous movement.

We will watch it with interest.

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