Start [the Robots] Up

The Boston Dynamics robots, now owned by Hyundai, marked the 40th anniversary of the Stones’ “Tattoo You” album with a music video of “Start Me Up.” It is an homage to Mick Jagger and his band, featuring a quartet of Spot robots.

Techxplore says, “the video serves to showcase not just the agility of the robots but also their precision and timing, suggesting to potential customers that perhaps the robots can do more than just lug equipment around.”

The video is of course a testament to human creativity and talent. If it convinces anyone that Spot can do much more than what we’ve already seen Spot do, then it is also a testament to human gullibility.

More Spot music videos

Of course, we like a good robot music video as much as the next guy.

Or our favorite:

We admire good motion control systems, too. We think Boston Dynamics (and now Hyundai) is good at motion control.

But we think Rexroth is better.

Examples of Rexroth motion control

Rexroth has videos, too. But it may be that better examples are the real-life ones:

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