The RoBird Solution

Birds cause a lot of problems. They damage airplanes, consume crops, and carry parasites. They flock together, sometimes in destructive numbers, and they’re hard to get rid of.

Farmers and others have tried to get rid of birds with scarecrows, lasers, and even shotguns. These methods don’t work. Robot predator birds offer a more effective and more humane alternative, say the makers of RoBird.

A robotic bird

RoBird is an automated peregrine falconer a drone disguised as a peregrine falcon — take your pick. With a silhouette that mimics the natural look of the falcon and a convincingly predatory flight pattern, the RoBird scares away birds.

The makers explain that “falcons are the most widely recognized bird of prey on earth.” Pest birds can  identify the RoBird as a dangerous predator. Since RoBird is controlled remotely by a pilot, the actions of the automated bird can vary enough to keep the prey frightened.

Prey birds usually feel wary of a scarecrow or predator replica briefly. Soon, they get used to its presence and realize that it is not dangerous. RoBird, by contrast, moves the way the pilot and operator tell it to. The prey birds can’t get used to it because there is intelligence behind it.

RoBird can scare pest birds away or chase them into a particular area, as the operator prefers. A flock of geese can be chivvied out of the flight path of an airplane, or a flock of blackbirds can be chased out of a field,

With RoBird’s aggressive yet random forays, birds typically choose to leave an area. The bird population is reduced to manageable levels.

Advantages of automation

Live falcons must be fed, housed,and trained. RoBird flies whenever called upon to do so, without any training or upkeep.

RoBird can also be used in combination with pyrotechnics, lasers, and noise generators. RoBird can even work with traditional falconry, reinforcing live falcons with its fully-controlled behaviors. Birds soon experience the RoBird’s location as a high-risk area, and to choose to nest and feed elsewhere.

The robot birds come with a pilot who is carefully trained in their use. This results in a safe, humane experience.

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