What Should You Know Before You Call Us?


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Often, we get calls from managers who are on the verge of panic because they’ve already tried dozens of things before they’ve called us. Easy solution: call us first.The number is (479) 422-0390, and if you have a problem right now, you can call us right now.

We’re going to need some information from you, though. If you’re already feeling frustrated, track down this data before you call.

First, see whether you can tell us which drive, control, or motor you’re dealing with. Those links will take you to pages that list the likely options. There are photos there which give you some clues, plus details of things like color differences that can help you tell what you’re looking at.

The type code will be on a metal name plate on the module. There’s also usually a peel-off nameplate. It’s supposed to be placed on the machine if the original nameplate isn’t visible.

If all else fails, the code should be programmed into the software.

The code will begin with the part type — in the example above, that’s KDC — and then will give the size and options, such as whether or not a particular motor has a holding brake.

Notice the error code, and any software modules. Copy down all the numbers and have them handy. We can help you figure them out over the phone — but it’s easier if you have them ready. That’s better than sending you back and forth to look at them.

Finally, check your records or ask your technicians and see whether you can notice any patterns. Is the fault that’s bothering you something that goes on all the time, something you see mostly when starting up, or something that happens sporadically? Have you noticed any particular conditions correlated with the fault, such as temperature, time of day, or any related events?

Sometimes it seems like a sudden problem, but when you ask around, you hear that the machine has been making metallic screeching noise for weeks. Don’t be shy about telling us these things.

Now call us at (479) 422-0390. We can often provide the support you need over the phone. If not, we can get a replacement part to you very fast.

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