Eco Drive Fault Codes

When our Eco Drive drive controllers are trying to communicate with us, we usually think in terms of fault codes or error codes. But it’s actually more complicated than that. For the ECODRIVE Drive Controller DKC02.1, for example, there are quite a few different diagnostic messages:

  • Error diagnostic messages
  • Warning diagnostic messages
  • Command diagnostic messages
  • Status diagnostic messages
  • Operation status messages

Each of these messages consists of a number and a string of text explaining the number, such as “F207 Switching to uninitialized operation mode”. These will show on the H1 display.

Order of priority

If there is more than one message being sent at a time, they’ll show up in order of priority, which is shown in the list above. So an error code will show first, then a warning, then a command message, then a status diagnostic. The operation status doesn’t show; you’ll see limited messages such as AF.

Error messages include UL and PL, which mean that your parameters are off, and then a long list of fault codes, which have numbers beginning with F. Some of the most common:

  • F218 Heatsink Overtemperature Shutdown
  • F219 Motor Overtemperature Shutdown
  • F228 Excessive Deviation
  • F234 Emergency Stop
  • F248 Low Battery Voltage
  • F401 Double MST Error Shutdown

Warning messages begin with E, as in “E250 Drive Overtemperature Warning.”  It may seem confusing that error messages begin with F and warning messages begin with E. We’re not responsible for this. We’re just letting you know.

Some of the more common warning messages:

  • E251 Motor Overtemperature Warning
  • E259 Command velocity limitation active
  • E829 Positive Position Limit Value Exceeded
  • E830 Negative Position Limit Value Exceeded

Command diagnostic messages begin with C, as in “C101 Invalid Communication Parameter.” These messages generally have to do with the parameters for the system.

Status diagnostic messages begin with A. “A012 Control and Power Sections Ready for Operation” is one example. These messages don’t always indicate a problem.


The manual for your Ecodrive module will clarify the meaning of any messages you receive, so your first step if you see an unfamiliar message may be to request a manual. The manual lists all the error codes, explains what they mean, and gives options for fixing the problem, clearing the error code, and moving on. Sometimes you’re dealing with ambient temperatures that are too high, or a defective fan, or you need to press the S1 button.

Sometimes it’s more complicated than that. Then your next step should be to call us. We specialize in Rexroth electric industrial motion control, both current and legacy.

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