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Rexroth MKE Series Motors


Rexroth MKE motors have one very important characteristic: they’re particularly good for use under hazardous conditions.

MKE series servo motors are maintenance-free permanent magnet motors in flame-proof enclosures. Their completely closed nature, made possible by the maintenance-free brushless motor with bearings lubricated for life, is what allows them to be used in hazardous conditions. The motor is completely and permanently closed up, with no way for anything hazardous to get in.

Naturally, this means that there is also no way for you to get in. If your MKE servo has a problem, you can’t open it up and troubleshoot or clean or otherwise fix it.

Factory repair is the only solution. Third party repair shops don’t have access to the original paqrts and specs, but factory repaired units return to you in like-new condition.

MKE motors also have high reliability, though, so you may be at a loss when it comes to arranging for factory repair when you finally need it, decades after the equipment was installed and configured. Your manual may tell you to contact your service rep, but that service rep has probably retired by now. The website mentioned in your manual may be entirely in German. And that’s all assuming that you have the manual, having carefully preserved it for all these years.

Call us. We can provide phone support, field support, and emergency replacement units. If you need us to fly components out to you immediately, we can do that, too.

Available MKE Type Codes

  • MKE037
  • MKE047
  • MKE098
  • MKE118

24 Hour Turnaround

Factory Repair services available with 24 hour turnaround.

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