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MSK076C-0300-NN-M1-UP0-NNNN is part of the MSK or IndraDyn family of servo motors. These motors are known for their high power and efficiency. If your MSK motor needs service right now, call us immediately to sole your problem without unnecessary costly downtime.

If you want to know more about your MSK motor and how to decide what steps to take for service and support, keep reading.

How can the MSK be the same as the IndraDyn? It starts with a history lesson.

A company called Indramat began 60 years ago in Germany. The name was short for “Gesellschaft zur INDustrialisierun RAtionalisierung und AutoMATisierung”. That translates to Association for Industrialization, Rationalization, and Automation.

Indramat revolutionized the servo motor, which had already been around for more than a century. At the same time, a company called Rexroth was looking for a way to bring electric motion control into their stable. They had been in business since 1795, when the founder created a water-powered hammer mill. Indramat brought electric motion control into the company.

In 2001, Indramat Rexroth was acquired and became Bosch Rexroth. They stopped using the Indramat name, but they still remember their roots. The MSK family of motors is now IndraDyn S — powerful and precise synchronous motors.

If you contact a salesperson for Bosch Rexroth, you’ll probably hear that you should update your MSK motor to the most current IndraDyn motor. Think twice.

Rexroth continues to support the MSK range of motors. Factory reman gets you replacement of all wearing parts with the most up to date current parts, plus full cleaning, sealing, a lacquering of the motor. Your unit returns to you better than new, with a fresh factory warranty. The cost is a fraction of upgrading, and you will have years more service from the same component. Call now.

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