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Rexroth MSK070 Servo Motors (IndraDyn S)

The Rexroth MSK070 is one of the larger servo motors in the IndraDyn S series. These are synchronous motors designed for high power use. Their visual encoders allow a high level of precision along with that power. MSK servo motors work with IndraDrive. Maximum torque for the MSK070 ranges from 33 to 60.

Like all Rexroth electric motion control, these servos are long lasting; chances are good that yours has gone way past its official lifespan. When you have problems with your MSK070, though, you can’t just break it down on the machine and try to fix it.

These modules are designed to be removed when they need service. You can replace them quickly with a new motor, or pop in an emergency replacement unit while you have factory repair or reman service completed. Either way, you minimize downtime at your facility — and that means lower costs.

The alternative is to pull the motor out and try to have it repaired locally on the cheap. Unfortunately, this will end up costing you. Your local repair guy won’t have access to the original replacement parts and probably also won’t have any experience with Rexroth servo motors.

Save time, money, and stress by contacting us immediately when you need service for MSK070 servo motors. We specialize in Rexroth electric motion control systems. Whether you need phone support or you need us to get to you fast on a charter plane with a replacement part, we’ll be able to solve your problem before it becomes a big problem.

Check the chart below to find your motor code type. The MSK070 series has a number of options.


MSK070 Motor Code Types

  • MSK070C-0150
  • MSK070C-0300
  • MSK070C-0450
  • MSK070D-0150
  • MSK070D-0300
  • MSK070D-0450
  • MSK070E-0150
  • MSK070E-0300
  • MSK070E-0450

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