HVE Power Supply

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HVE Power Supply

hveRexroth AC drive systems consist of one power supply unit and multiple drives, the maximum number of drives depending on the specific power supply module. Since the system is modular, it’s easy to remove, replace, and add components without additional configuration.

It’s also possible to operate an entire drive system, possibly with many drives, with just one connection to the main electrical supply.

The HVE Power Supply module provides an unregulated DC bus voltage. If you need a regulated bus voltage, you should choose the HVR Power Supply module.

Realistically, since these are legacy components, you are probably not looking for new modules, but rather are in need of service and support.

Power supplies can be extremely dangerous; these are not the components you can just decide to mess around with and see whether you can fix them.

They are also delicate. Your HVE Power Supply module is vulnerable to high temperatures, to water condensation from its cooling units, distance from the mains, and many more possible concerns.

Since your HVE was probably installed before some of your engineers were born, it’s very likely that you haven’t continued to provide the ideal environment for your HVE Power Supply over the years. At some point, everybody who remembered the special needs of the HVE had retired, and somebody probably moved the cabinet or figured that forced air circulation wasn’t that big a deal.

Fortunately, we specialize in Rexroth electric motion control. We know all your HVE Power Supply module’s little quirks, and we can provide support, emergency replacement units, and factory repaid for this and all your Rexroth electric motion control components.


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