IndraDrive KSM

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IndraDrive KSM

ksm4The Rexroth IndraDrive KSM series is something really different. The KSM is both an electronic control system and a servo motor integrated into a single unit. Rexroth describes this unit as having the best qualities of the IndraDrive drive and the MSK motor.

KSM units range from just about 12 pounds to slightly more than 32 pounds (5.6 kg to 14.6 kg), making them perfect for situations in which a small footprint is especially important. They’re also an economical option.

With cabinet-free technology and a greatly reduced need for cables — up to 90% less with hybrid cables — the KSM is a sophisticated, powerful piece of technology that can fit into environments and workflows that have not previously been able to take advantage of this level of technology.

The servo motor casing acts as a heat sink for the drive, allowing a footprint about half the size of other solutions. Air conditioning needs are significantly reduced, and the cabinet can be smaller or even eliminated.

You’ll have much less loss of energy with KSM, another factor that makes this a green choice. KSM also has safety measures built in, including Safe Torque Off (STO) and SafeMotion.

We can provide service and support for KSM and all other Rexroth electric drive and control technology, including legacy units.

Types of KSM Drives

  • KSM02.1B-041C-42
  • KSM02.1B-061C-35
  • KSM02.1B-061C-61
  • KSM02.1B-071C-24
  • KSM02.1B-071C-35
  • KSM02.1B-076C-35

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