IndraDrive KCU

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Rexroth IndraDrive KCU

kcuThe IndraDrive Mi KCU is a compact electronic control system which allows as many as 20 IndraDrive Mi units to be connected in series in one drive chain. You can use a hybrid cable with a maximum length of 650 feet without modifying the cabinet.

What’s more, multiple KCU electronic control systems can be connected to a single supply unit to operate several IndraDrive Mi drive chains in parallel.

One of the important features of the KCU is the fact that it has integrated fuses which protect the DC bus connection.

Like all Rexroth electric drive and control units, the IndraDrive KCU is designed for precision, safety, and energy efficiency.

And like all Rexroth motion control technology, it needs something special when it comes to support and service.

These units are not designed for troubleshooting or repair on the machine. For minimal downtime and maximum efficiency, the best plan is to pull the unit out and replace it with a new unit.

We have the largest supply of emergency replacement parts in the nation, so we can make sure that your facility doesn’t face downtime.

But what about your local electronic repair place? They may be able to help you with many things, but not with your IndraDrive technology.

Rexroth doesn’t sell parts to third party repair shops. And the use of a third party repair shop voids your warranty. We often see unhappy people who have wasted time and money trying to get their Rexroth units repaired on the cheap… and then having to do what they should have done in the first place, as the costs of downtime mount.

Instead, give us a call. Whether you need phone service, field service, factory repair or reman, or assistance with design and configuration of upgrades, we can help.

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