Rexroth HCS03.1 Drive

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Rexroth HCS03
Rexroth HCS03 (IndraDrive C)

The HCS03.1 drive is a converter with an integrated power source, part of the latest generation of the IndraDrive HCS family. These drives are designed to work with MSK, MKE, and MAD motors, among others. They can be combined with Rexroth modular inverters as well. This versatility makes these drives good choices for single or multi-axis applications. With the right drive/motor combination, the HCS03 series can be used in harsh environments, high-powered applications, and even potentially explosive environments.

The HCS family has some advantages over previous Rexroth drives, including integrated safety features that include power protections in mains and motor supply lines for maximum protection of operators, even when axes are in motion. These drives also can use open interfaces and integrated technology to reduce or eliminate the need for programming. Interface options include SERCOS, PROFIBUS DP, PROFInet IO, CANopen, DeviceNet, analog and parallel.

All Rexroth motion control systems are hardworking and longwearing. In fact, that can actually be a problem when it comes to maintenance and upkeep. Chances are good that few of the engineers on your team have ever had the chance to do any troubleshooting with Rexroth machinery. You’re almost certain to need outside help when something does go wrong.

What’s more, Rexroth machinery is not designed to be repaired — or even have trouble shooting done — on the machine. The modular nature of the units makes it easy to remove the faulty unit and replace it. The defective unit can then be sent for factory repair. Third party shops can’t get Rexroth parts, and attempted third party repairs will void your warranty. We see a lot of clients spending days or even weeks trying to repair Rexroth drives in situ. By the time they’ve come to us, they’ve lost a ton of money in downtime and unsuccessful repair attempts.

Instead, call us first. We provide phone support, field support, and emergency replacement units so you can keep your facility working during factory repairs. We can get 24 hour turnaround on many factory repairs, and your Rexroth units will come back to you in like-new condition.

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