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Rexroth PPC

Rexroth’s PPC control is a stand-alone multi-axis motion control. It may use VisualMotion or Synax, but VisualMotion is recommended for use with Rexroth’s DIAX04 and/or ECODRIVE digital servo drives.

The PPC control communicates with the servo drives via the SERCOS interface. SERCOS stands for “Serial Real-time Communication System.” SERCOS was an early open source, globally standardized interface, and it is still in use today, though there have been updates to the standards. SERCOS made real-time communication among controls, drives, and servo motors practical, opening new vistas for motion control.

The PPC control’s firmware was designed to handle complex robotics tasks as well as general motion control. Multi-axis tasks require movement not just on a single plane or in a straight line, but also movements in three dimensions. This means a greater level of speed, communication, precision, and sheer coordination than what’s required by a machine that feeds a sheet of material into a press, for example.

This control can accept connections from as many as 40 intelligent digital drives via SERCOS, but there may be some limitations depending on the firmware.

The photo below should help you identify a PPC control. If you need support, repair, reman, or replacement, we can help.

Rexroth PPC Control

Sercos Based Control, freestanding. Visual Motion or Synax based.

ppc control

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