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Rexroth MSK061 Servo Motors (IndraDyn S)

The MSK061 is part of the series of high power, high precision servo motors in the IndraDyn S series. The series is particularly valued for its wide power spectrum and small size increments. Maximum torque range for the MSK061: 14-32.

Rexroth supports all the motors in this series. This means that when you face problems with your MSK061 servo motor, you have the option of factory repair or reman.

Factory repair brings your module back to you in like-new condition. Remanufactured parts often come with a new warranty. We have the largest inventory of emergency replacement parts in the nbation, allowing us to reduce your downtime to a minimum.

061 in this case refers to the motor size. Other specific characteristics are used to generate the model type codes, as shown in the chart below.


MSK061 Motor Type Codes

  • MSK061B-0300
  • MSK061C-0200
  • MSK061C-0300
  • MSK061C-0600

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