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Rexroth DKS Servo Drive

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Rexroth DKS Servo Drives

We have factory refurbished DKS drives of every power rating on the shelf for immediate exchange. No need to wait; these are like-new drives from the factory.

DKS1.1 and 1.2 Drives

Rexroth DKS Servo Drive/The DKS series drives are integrated drives, meaning that the one unit contains both power section and control section. Unlike the modular style drives with separate power supplies, the DKS has it all in one box. Indramat DKS drives can be controlled via Sercos, Analog Input, or with control cards such as the DLC single axis control card.

The DKS series includes two basic kinds of drives: the 1.1 and the 1.2. DKS 1.1 and DDS 1.2 have nearly identical exteriors. They come in 3 different power ranges from 30A to 100A peak current. The DKS 1.2 differs from the 1.1 in that it can accept an external capacitor bank for high speed indexing. The 1.2 also has some heavier components.