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Rexroth MSK076 Servo Motors (IndraDyn S)

The Rexroth MSK076 is one servo motor size from the MSK or IndraDyn S series. These motors are both powerful and precise, with high torque and compact construction.

The MSK076 size does not offer the liquid cooling option some other sizes do. However, it does come in two motor types. See the codes below.

MSK076 servo motors cannot be repaired on the machine or in the field. If you have a faulty MSK076 servo, your best option will always be factory repair or reman.

Factory reman includes replacement of all wearing parts, from bearings to flanges to encoders and switches. All components are cleaned and tested, and motors like the MSK076 are relaquered. Usually, a remanufactured part will return to you with a 24 month warranty.


MSK076 Motor Code Types



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