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Rexroth MSK071 Servo Motors (IndraDyn S)

MSK071 servo motors are part of the MSK or IndraDyn S series of synchronous servo motors designed for high power applications. Their precision — combined with power — is one of the strongest selling points of this series.

Another is the extremely wide range of sizes. You can be very specific in your choice of sizes, because they range from MSK030 to MSK131. The MSK071 series is in the middle of the range.

The IndraDyn S series also has an unusually wide power spectrum. With a variety of options, including both fan and liquid cooling, this servo motor series exhibits an impressive level of versatility.

When you have a problem with your MSK071 servos, you need specialized support. These motors are not suited to field repair on the machine. Sometimes we can identify your problem with a phone call and offer you an immediate solution. If the motor is faulty, however, we recommend factory repair or reman. This brings your part back to you in like new condition, often with a new warranty.

Keep in mind that sending your MSK071 servo out for repair at a third party repair shop can invalidate your current warranty if it is still in force. Call us as soon as you need support for the most economical solution.


MSK071/ MSK071/

MSK071 Motor Type Codes

  • MSK071C-0200
  • MSK071C-0300
  • MSK071C-0450
  • MSK071D-0200
  • MSK071D-0300
  • MSK071D-0450
  • MSK071E-0200
  • MSK071E-0300
  • MSK071E-0450