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The HCS03 series of IndraDrive C converters covers the upper kW power range, or 22kW to 110 kW. HCS03 converters contain a power supply and inverter in the same module, and a control unit slot for custom configuration. Rexroth drives are reliable, and they very rarely fail. You may never need to troubleshoot your HCS03.1E-W0070-A-05-NNBV converter, but here’s what you need to know just in case.

Match the HCS03.1E-W0070-A-05-NNBV type code

If you need to replace an HCS03.1E-W0070-A-05-NNBV converter, make sure that you replace it with an identical unit. There are many different types of HCS drive, and some may not work with your control system. You can’t even use any old HCS03 drive, for that matter.

Locate the type code on your converter and make sure that it matches the original drive module exactly. Each of those numbers communicate important information.

  • “HCS” means that the drive is in the IndraDrive C family of converters.
  • “03” indicates the series.
  • “1” is the variant.
  • “E” means that the drive has a rectifier.
  • “W” is the cooling type. All HCS03 drives use an integrated fan for internal air cooling.
  • “0070” means that the drive is rated for 70 amps. This is the lowest current rating for HCS03 drives.
  • “A” indicates the degree of protection: IP20
  • “05” lets you know the mains connection voltage is 3 x AC 400 … 500 V +10% -15%.
  • “NNBV” means that the drive has an integrated braking transistor, 24 V DC voltage supply from DC bus and external power.

There are several different versions and power ratings for HCS03 drives. If you replace your HCS03.1E-W0070-A-05-NNBV unit with a different HCS drive, you risk extra downtime and expense.

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Rexroth professionals can even help prevent the need to repair or replace your servo drive. Rexroth drive error codes aren’t always caused by a problem with the drive itself. We are often successful in troubleshooting errors through phone support.

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