Rexroth MAD Motors

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Rexroth MAD Series Motors

Rexroth MAD motors are asynchronous motors designed for servo and main spindle applications. They are fan cooled with a connected fan unit, and the fan can actually be changed while the motor is in use.

This makes the MAD motor ideal for high-powered environments such as printing presses and metal forming tools.

Options for MAD motors include optional keyway and holding brake, as well as special bearing assembly for high-speed processes.

There’s a wide range of speed choices, from MAD100B-0050 to MAD225C-0150. Maximum speeds may be as high as 11,000 rpm, depending on the bearing assembly.

These motors are part of the IndraDyne range, which is known for power and flexibility. They can’t be used in settings with extremely high ambient temperatures or extreme temperature changes.

So what if your MAD motor isn’t functioning properly? Chances are good that it was installed a while back, perhaps before any of the engineers on the floor were employed at your facility.

The good news is that Rexroth still supports MAD motors. You can buy a new one if you need one. The other good news is that you may not have to buy a new one.

Factory repair is the best solution. Factory repaired units  are just like new when they get back to your facility. You will generally have a new warranty, too.

Third party repair shops don’t have access to original parts or even to the original specs and training. That means that your original warranty will not be honored if you use a third party repair shop.

Call us. We can provide phone support, field support, and emergency replacement units. If you need us to fly components out to you immediately, we can do that, too.

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