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MSK030 Motors

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Rexroth MSK030 Servo Motors (IndraDyn S)

MSK030 Motors/

Rexroth MSK030 motors are also known as IndraDyn S motors. They’re powerful motors for precision applications. They offer a wide power spectrum with narrow size increments.

The MSK 030 is equipped with rotating plugs to connect the encoders and the power supply. They can’t be used with the IndraDrive Mi distributed drive controller because of their size. They can be integrated into a chain of drives.

They need a dust-free, oil-free working environment with a maximum humidity of 20-30 percent. Rexroth motors are designed to be self-cooling, but a dirty environment can interfere with their ability to cool themselves.

MSK030 Motors/

The current motor type codes are MSKD030B and MSKD030C.

We can assist with all support needs for MSK 030 servo motors. Use the simple form below or call 479-422-0390.

MSK030 Motors/