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MSK040C-0450-NN-M1-UP0-NNNN is one of many different Rexroth MSK motor types. While many of these motors look similar and have similar type codes, their subtle differences can be significant. Locate the type code on your motor and make sure that you get an identical replacement to minimize downtime and avoid unnecessary costs.

Follow the type code

Each Rexroth motor has a nameplate displaying important information about the servo motor. This is where you can locate your motor’s type code. If you are going to replace your MSK motor, you must find a replacement with an identical type code. Two motors might appear to have similar type codes, but the differences can be substantial.

Replacing your motor with a different motor type can lead to significant setbacks including preventable downtime and unnecessary repair costs.

Here’s a look at the Rexroth MSK040C-0450-NN-M1-UP0-NNNN motor type code.

  • “MSK” motors are also known as IndraDyn S motors.
  • “040” is size of the motor. This motor has a max speed of 6,000rpm.
  • “C” indicates motor length. This motor is 185.5mm long.
  • “0450” refers to the motor winding. MSK040C motors have two winding options.
  • “NN” tells you that the motor is self-cooling.
  • “M1” indicates the motor has an optical encoder, multi-turn Hiperface, with 128 signal periods. MSK040 motors have six different encoder options.
  • “U” means that the motor has a plug electrical connection. This plug can be rotated 240 degrees.
  • “P” means that the shaft has a keyway and shaft seal ring.
  • “0” tells you that this motor does not have a holding brake.
  • “NNNN” means that this is the standard version of this motor.

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