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Rexroth ADF Motors


Rexroth’s ADF main spindle motors are used as liquid-cooled main spindle drives, or as servo drives. ADF motors are commonly used in printing, textiles, and plastics injection molding machines.

They offer broad speed ranges and are maintenance-free. Since they’re liquid-cooled, they can be used at any elevation, unlike many servos. The housing protects the motor from water external objects, and live or moving parts of the machinery, making ADF motors a good choice for use in situations where protection is needed.

ADF motors can handle diluted alkaline and acid solutions, and they are primed to resist weathering. Steam can cause the primer to peel. If the motor is oriented with the output shaft up, it will be susceptible to water damage in a wash-down environment. Horizontal orientation or vertical orientation with the output shaft downwards will make it less vulnerable.

Heavy duty bearing assemblies should be operated only with radial loads.

Available ADF Type Codes

  • ADF100
  • ADF132
  • ADF160

Since ADF motors are maintenance free, you can’t disassemble, repair, or clean the motor in situ. Third-party repair shops will not have access to original parts or specs, so the only real option for a faulty ADF motor is factory repair or reman. Contact us directly for phone support to make sure that your ADF motor needs service, and to arrange for factory repair.


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