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Rexroth MSK100 Servo Motors (IndraDyn S)

The Rexroth MSK100 servo motor series is one of the larger sizes in the IndraDyn S range of synchronous servo motors. These motors are designed for use in high speed, high power applications where precision is also important. The series included a wide power spectrum and numerous sizes.

The MSK100 features integrated safety features, internationally standardized interfaces, and direct power connection.

These servos turn up in industrial automation, printing presses, and machine forming tools, among other applications.

If your MSK100 servo motor needs support or repair, call us immediately. Factory repair and reman are your best options. These motors cannot be repaired on the machine. Third party repair shops do not have access to original parts. No hack or workaround is going to take care of issues with your MSK100 motors.

Save time and money by calling us first. The expense of downtime while you shop around will be greater than the cost of factory reman or repair.

When your MSK100 servo motor (or the associated drive or control) returns to you after factory repair or reman, you will have a new warranty. Attempting to have repairs done by a third party shop will actually invalidate any warranty that may still apply to your machinery.

The MSK100 series includes a large number of variants.

MSK100/ MSK100/

MSK100 Motor Code Types

  •  MSK100A-0200
  • MSK100A-0300
  • MSK100A-0450
  • MSK100B-0200
  • MSK100B-0300
  • MSK100B-0400
  • MSK100B-0450
  • MSK100C-0200
  • MSK100C-0300
  • MSK100C-0450
  • MSK100D-0200
  • MSK100D-0300
  • MSK100D-0350

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