Rexroth HCS Drives

More than a million Rexroth electric drives are currently in use worldwide. Rexroth electric motion control powers some of the engineering wonders of the world, and plenty of factories and SMEs as well. The newest generation of Rexroth servo drives are the IndraDrive range, including the HCS Drives.

HCS01 converters are adaptable for pick-and-place systems, logistics, and other general applications as well as for printing presses and semiconductors. These units feature a multi encoder interface and up to the minute integrated safety features.

HCS02 and HCS03 converters include both a power supply and an inverter in the same drive module. They can also be used with additional inverters, for a cost-effective solution for single or multi-axis applications. There’s a range of power options and a number of configurations available.

The HCS04 series of drives offers an extended power range, from 50 W to 630 kW. They’re available with either internal or external brake chopper and integrated internal air cooling.

When you need support with any kind of Rexroth electric motion control, from servo drives to motors to power supply and more, our knowledgeable team can help you get up and running fast. Sometimes we can solve the problem over the phone. If you need field support or emergency replacement units, we can get to you fast with a charter plane. And when factory repair or reman is needed, we can minimize expensive downtime and keep your facility working.

You should know that bringing in a third party repair shop will void your warranty, while factory repair usually extends your warranty. Since third party repair shops don’t have access to original parts or specs, they often make things worse rather than better. We’ve seen some sad cases where the cost of trying out the local electronics guy ended up costing thousands of dollars — even before you begin to count the cost of downtime and missed deadlines. We should be your first call.

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