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Rexroth MSK101 Servo Motors (IndraDyn S)

Rexroth MSK101 servomotors are synchronous servo motors that combine power and precision for applications requiring a high level of speed and performance. They can be used in both closed-loop and open-loop configurations, and can be used with small or large numbers of axes.

The MSK101 is at the upper end of the size range for the MSK servos, also known as IndraDyn S. The series is remarkable for its impressive power spectrum, and standardized interfaces make the MSK series a great choice for use throughout your facility, even when you have a broad range of needs.

Like all Rexroth motion control, the MSK series is long-lived. At some point, however, any machine may require support or maintenance of some kind. Rexroth components are modular. This design feature alloiws you to remove and replace a faulty servo quickly, reducing downtime and its punishing costs.

Factory repair or reman brings your servo back to you in like-new condition, with a new warranty. We also have the largest inventory of emergency replacement parts in the nation, so you can stay up and running during the repair time.

We specialize in Rexroth electric motion control, including the MSK101 servo motor.

MSK101 Motor Type Codes

  • MSK101C-0200
  • MSK101C-0300
  • MSK101C-0450
  • MSK101D-0200
  • MSK101D-0300
  • MSK101D-0450
  • MSK101E-0200
  • MSK101E-0300
  • MSK101E-0450

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