KDV 4.1-30-3

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Rexroth KDV 4.1-30-3 Power Supply

The drive system includes a power supply and one or more drives. The KDV 4.1-30-3 can support as many as ten drives at one time.

This power supply connects to the mains without a transformer and can supply continuous drive power starting at approximately 10 kW. Use it with a smoothing choke, a commutation choke, and an additional capacitator.

Energy produced while the machine is braking is fed back into the mains with little loss of energy.

Problems with your power supply?

When it was first put in place, probably many years ago, your power supply unit was installed and configured by an expert.

Over time, there have probably been changes. Drives may have been switched out, cabinets may have been moved and cables rearranged. Changes in ambient temperature and humidity have taken place as weather patterns have changed over the decades. And chances are the experts at your facility have long since retired.

Your power supply unit might have had a perfect set up way back when, but now it might need a little tender loving care.

We’re specialists in Rexroth electric motion control. We provide phone support, field support, and replacement units to keep your downtime to a minimum.

Factory repair is the only option

Third party repair shops don’t have access to original parts or to trained technicians. You’re taking a chance any time you use a third party shop. Where will they get parts for the repairs on your Rexroth units? Rexroth doesn’t supply them. Use your imagination  — or realize right now that you don’t want to take the chances.

Rexroth supports legacy parts like the KDV 4.1-30-3. Factory repair brings your component back to you in like-new condition, often with a new warranty.

Your power supply unit is essential to your drive and control system. We can get replacement parts to you quickly to reduce downtime and delays. Call now for immediate assistance.

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Factory Repair services available with 24 hour turnaround.

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