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MSK071E-0450-NN-M1-UG0-NNNN is a synchronous servo motor from the MSK range. This family of servos is known for power and precision, as well as for the wide variety of sizes. The motor is available in many size increments, so you can match the footprint you need and the capacity your application requires. High torque density makes this motor a valuable workhorse in many situations.

The MSK071E-0450-NN-M1-UG0-NNNN is one of the larger motors in the range. You might have had this motor in your facility for decades with no trouble. When you need service or support, you have some options.

Buy new

Unlike a lot of Rexroth servos, the MSK071E-0450-NN-M1-UG0-NNNN is still available new. If you talk with a salesperson, you’re likely to get pressure to upgrade — buy a new MSK071E-0450-NN-M1-UG0-NNNN.

That’s not your most cost-effective option, however.

Factory repair or reman

Sometimes your MSK071E-0450-NN-M1-UG0-NNNN just needs a straightforward repair. Factory reman takes it a step further, replacing all wearing parts and providing a two year warranty.

Reman means you get the newest version of all the original parts. Essentially, you get the newest model at a fraction of the price.

Third party repair shops

Third party repair shops don’t have access to original parts, original specs, or factory-trained technicians. This is an option for you, but it’s an option that will void your warranty and probably increase your downtime.

That means an increase in costs for you.

We see a lot of servos that have been through a third party repair shop. The owners of these servos still have to pay for factory repair or reman. They also have paid for failed third party repair shops. They have paid for more downtime than they can afford, and the clock is still ticking.

This is not a solution.

Contact us now and get your facility back up and running fast.

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