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Most people don’t know how to repair a HCS02.1E-W0028-A-03-NNNN converter. In fact, most people who are trying to troubleshoot Rexroth drive errors are doing so for the first time. Here’s some important information to help your restore your system as efficiently as possible.

What’s wrong with your HCS02.1E-W0028-A-03-NNNN drive?

Rexorth drives rarely fail. Don’t assume the worst-case scenario if your drive stops working. Sometimes your system shuts down and you see a Rexroth drive error code because of a problem unrelated to the functionality of the drive. A problem with the motor, overheating, a change in parameters, or even just a bad cable can bring your machinery to a halt.

Trying to repair a HCS02.1E-W0028-A-03-NNNN converter that isn’t broken, or buying a replacement drive when you don’t need a replacement, is a waste of time and money.

This first thing that you need to do is diagnose the error. We can assist with a quick an accurate diagnosis for your Rexroth errors, and we can successfully troubleshoot many of these errors directly over the phone.

Not all HCS02 drives are the same.

If your drive is the source of the problem, it’s important that you replace the drive with an identical unit. HCS02 drives come in four different current ratings, and they come in different sizes.

Swapping out your HCS02.1E-W0028-A-03-NNNN converter with a drive that’s slightly different will result in additional downtime. Make sure that you only replace your unit with a drive that’s the exact match.

Fix your HCS02.1E-W0028-A-03-NNNN drive the right way the first time.

Generic third party repair shops may not have the knowledge and experience with Rexroth systems to provide adequate repairs, or even provide you with the correct replacement unit.

Rexroth factory repair is most convenient, most reliable, and most economical option. It ensures that your getting the right repair the first time. It also prevents compatibility issues. We offer factory repair services with 24-hour turnaround, and your unit comes back to you with a new factory warranty.

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Factory Repair services available with 24 hour turnaround.

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