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You can find Rexroth drives in factories across the globe. Many of these drives have been running faithfully for decades without need for service or repair. Most people dealing with Rexroth drive errors are facing a problem they’ve never encountered before. The quickest, most convenient, and most cost-effective way to repair or replace your HCS02.1E-W0012-A-03-NNNN drive is to call 479-422-0390 for professional support.

Understanding your HCS02.1E-W0012-A-03-NNNN drive

HCS drives are part of the newest generation of servo drives from Bosch Rexroth. These drives come with a control unit slot, so they can be customized for a wide variety of uses and applications. HCS02 converters feature a power supply and an inverter in the same module.

Not all HCS02 drives are the same, however. You can’t replace your HCS02.1E-W0012-A-03-NNNN converter with any other HCS02 drive.

The type code has everything you need to know about your drive:

  • “HCS” indicates that the drive is in the HCS family.
  • “02” converters cover a power range between 1.5kW and 11kW.
  • “1” indicates the design, or variant.
  • “E” tells you the power supply type.
  • “W” means that the drive uses an integrated fan for forced ventilation cooling.
  • “0012” converters are rated for 12 amperes. HCS02 drives come in four different current ratings.
  • “A” notes the degree of protection: IP20
  • “NNNN” indicates that this is a standard version drive.
  • “03” tells you the mains connection voltage: AC 200 … 500 V ±10%

What’s wrong with your HCS02.1E-W0012-A-03-NNNN drive?

Any number of issues can cause your drive to stop working. Sometimes the fix is quick and simple. Anyone can replace a bad cable in a matter of minutes. However, your drive may be defective, which requires knowledge and expertise beyond that which the average person possesses.

But before you can even decide whether or not you have the skill to fix your drive, you must determine the cause of the problem.

Your troubleshooting guide can help, but there’s still a fair amount of trial, error, and time-wasting that comes with inexperience. As mentioned before, most operators trying to repair a Rexroth system are doing so for the first time. We can immediately diagnose the problem, and get your system up and running as quickly as possible.

Call 479-422-0390 for emergency Rexroth support. We can assist with troubleshooting, repair, or replacement for all of your Rexroth motion control products.

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