TVR Power Supply

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Rexroth TVR Power Supply

TVR Power Supply modules provide DC bus voltage for motor power andcontrols the voltages for all connected main and servo drive modules. A single TVR Power Supply modules can be used with as many as 10 drives. When the drives act as generators, the TVR acts as an inverter and feeds the energy back into the mains.

This allows the drives to be disconnected from the mains in the event of a power failure, and to continue functioning from the regenerated energy. TVR is therefore ideal for applications with high continuous regeneration power.

TVR modules can function in ambient temperatures above freezing, 41 degrees Fahrenheit, up to an absolute maximum of 130 degrees. It can be connected directly to the mains without a transformer.

Your TVR module will have a code, such as TVR 3.1-W015-03. This code specifies the features of the specific module.

The TVR Power Supply is designed to be housed in a control cabinet along with its drive modules.

The modular nature of the Rexroth drive system means that the entire power supply unit can be replaced, eliminating expensive production downtime. When there’s a fault,  the priority is identifying the source of the fault so that the faulty component can be replaced quickly.

We have the nation’s largest selection of legacy Rexroth electric drive and control components, including power supply modules. We can help you determine the source of the fault and usually can also provide an emergency replacement module to keep you up and running while the component is repaired.

Factory repair is the only good option for repair. Even with an emergency replacement unit in place, it is not practical to attempt troubleshooting and repair in your facility or to go with a generalist electronic repair shop. Factory repair brings your components back to you in like-new condition, repaired with all new original parts and bearing a factory warranty.

We can provide phone support, field support, emergency replacement components, factory repair, and factory reman.

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