DDS drives are modular so they can be stacked and combined to work with multiple drives but a single power supply. You can also build up a more complex drive system with more than one power source.

The software and firmware are also designed to be modular. Proper configuration of the drive is essential.

DDS in the type code stands for the DDS product group, while 02 shows the series. 1 is the version — this will matter for your firmware choice.

W in the type code lets us know that this drive is internally air cooled, rather than externally air cooled by the cabinet or containing a coolant. 200 after the W clues us in to the rated current.

D is the code for digital servo feedback rather than resolver feedback.

Designed to work with MKD and MDD motors, these drives are rapid response drives. They’re great for robots, but also for textile and printing machines.

When you need service or repair for your DDS02.1-W200-D, call us right away. You’ll be up and running again quickly — and that’s the key to cost-effective service.

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