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R911317624 MSK076C-0300-NN-M1-UP1-NNNN — it’s a lot of numbers. Quite a few letters, too.

MSK is a synchronous servo motor. It’s also known as IndraDyn. This is a high powered motor suited to many applications.

The motor type code — the rest of those letters and numbers — specifies the various options for the motor.

  • 076 is the motor size.
  • C refers to the motor length.
  • 0300 is the windings code.
  • NN is code for the natural convection housing design.
  • M1 refers to the encoder.
  • U is the code for the plug, a rotateable plug that turns 240 degrees.
  • P tells us that the shaft has a keyway.
  • 1 means that this model has a holding brake
  • NNNN refers to the standard design, as opposed to the reduced shaft run-out.

It’s essential, when you need to replace your MSK, that you use the right model. Find the model type code, let us know what you need, and we will send you exactly the right replacement unit.

Factory repair

Factory repair is another option. Here’s a typical Rexroth servo motor, new:

Here’s a typical motor, after factory repair:

Factory repair gives you like-new results with original parts and trained technicians. Factory reman involves replacing all the wearing parts, cleaning every part of the component, closing and lacquering the unit, and returning it to you with a new warranty.

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