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Rexroth MSK050 Servo Motors (IndraDyn S)

The Rexroth MSK050 servo motor from Rexroth’s IndraDyn S series is designed with high torque density, a high level of precision from its optical encoders, a wide power spectrum, and compact size.

The MSK050 operates best in an ambient temperature range of 32 degrees to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. For high power applications with continuous use, a situation, for which the MSK050 is a good choice, additional cooling may be needed. Blowers are available for retrofit, and liquid cooling can be ab option for extremely high power applications.

Switching out a faulty MSK050 for a new or factory repaired servo motor is a fast process.

Hanging around waiting for your local repair shop to try to fix the servo motor is a slow and frustrating process. It makes more sense to contact us immediately. Not only can we have your faulty motor repaired or remanufactured quickly and correctly at the factory, but we can also provide an emergency replacement unit while you wait.

That means less downtime, which means less downtime cost.

Rexroth motion control systems are built with modular design, so you can replace a faulty motor quickly without having to reprogram the rest of your system.

Call us immediately when you need support for your Rexroth MSK050 server motor, or for any Rexroth electric motion control. We specialize in Rexroth electric motion control, from the legacy modules to the most cutting edge components. We can often help you with a phone call. If it takes more than a call, we can have our field specialists and a replacement part on a charter plane to your facility, to get you back up and running immediately.


MSK0050 Motor Type Codes

  • MSK050B-0450
  • MSK050B-0600
  • MSK050C-0300
  • MSK050C-0450
  • MSK050C-0600

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