TVM Power Supply

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TVM Power Supply

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The TVM power supply module is part of Rexroth’s legacy ac modular drive system. A single TVM power supply module can run multiple drives and provides the d.c. high voltage for the motor connected with the drives.

Since the TVM can run with a continuous mechanical output of 4.1 kw, it is an ideal power supply for servo motors.

Your TVM  module might have the module number code TVM 2.4-050-300-W1.

Problems with the TVM power supply module can be a problem within the power supply itself, a fault in the drive, a problem caused by the electrical system (for example, the power is out or the voltage is too low), or a response to a safety sensor which requires machinery to stop in order to keep workers safe.

When you have a problem with your TVM power supply, we can help. We provide phone support, field support, emergency replacement units, or factory repair and reman.

We’re specialists in new and legacy Rexroth electric drive systems, with over 30 years of experience working with these systems. Rexroth does not sell parts to third party repair shops, and the use of third party repair shops invalidates your warranty. On the other hand, factory repair and reman bring your parts back to you with a new factory warranty.

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