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Rexroth IndraDrive HMD

hmdThe IndraDrive M – HMD is a double-axis inverter and part of the complete IndraDrive system.

After acquiring Indramat, a German motion control company that brought the brushless AC motor into common usage in the 20th century, Rexroth has been the source of exceptional electric drive and motion control technology.

Now, as a leader in the move toward Indutry 4.0, Rexroth provides motion control technology that not only maintains the company’s legacy of precision and accuracy, but it also a leader in safety and energy savings.

The HMD is part of this new generation of exceptional technology. International standardized interfaces and a wide range of power options allow a high level of customization. Variable configuration allows the HMD and the rest of the IndraDrive system to be used in many different applications — probably including the ones you will need in the future but haven’t yet identified.

The IndraDrive M inverters and the IndraDrive C converters can be combined in a broad range of configurations. Since both can communicate using sercos, PROFIBUS, Multi-Ethernet (sercos, PROFINETIO, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT), CANopen, DeviceNet, analog and parallel machine languages, you can choose exactly the right components for any machine you need to build.

When you need service or support for IndraDrive or legacy Rexroth electric motion control systems, you should always choose factory repair or reman. Since Rexroth doesn’t make original parts available to third party repair shops, you can’t expect like-new results when you choose your little neighborhood electronics guy for service of your Rexroth motion control. Choosing a thrid party shop will invalidate your warranty, whereas choosing factory repair will provide a new factory warranty.

That’s not even the biggest reason for going with factory repair. Since trying to troubleshoot or repair components on the machine is not recommended for any Rexroth components, we frequently see clients who have been trying to solve their Rexroth motion control problems for days before they come to us. With poor quality repairs, they’ve had days of downtime and are looking at the same costs they’d have had if they had come to us in the first place — plus the costs of the third party attempts and the lengthy downtime.

Your best bet is to contact us first. We have an extensive stock of replacement parts on hand and fast turnaround time for factory repair or reman.

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