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The MSK040C-0600-NN-M1-UP1-NNNN motor from Rexroth is part of the MSK, or IndraDyn S, series of servo motors. These high torque density servos stack power with a low profile, and an optical encoder makes these motors capable of incredible precision.

MSK servos are built with safety and durability in mind. Like all MSK motors, MSK040C-0600-NN-M1-UP1-NNNN motors are designed to work with IndraDrive intelligent drives.

These servo motors aren’t designed for use in extreme heat, wet conditions, or high pollution environments. However, they can run for decades without service when used in the correct conditions.

All servos need attention eventually, regardless of how they are used. Do you need to repair or replace a Rexroth MSK040C-0600-NN-M1-UP1-NNNN motor? Calling professionals who specialize in Rexroth systems is the most efficient, most affordable, and most reliable way to restore your motion control system.

Understanding your MSK040C-0600-NN-M1-UP1-NNNN motor

The type code located on your MSK motor nameplate communicates important information. You must replace your motor with a motor that has an identical type code in order to avoid additional cost and downtime. Matching the type code ensures that your motor is the correct size, speed, power, and has the correct features.

Here’s what the type code for MSK040C-0600-NN-M1-UP1-NNNN motors means.

  • “MSK” servo motors are also marketed as “IndrDyn S”motors
  • “040” tells you the height and width of the motor. MSK040 motors are 82 mm wide and 124.5 mm tall.
  • “C” tells you the length of the motor. This motor is 185.5 mm long.
  • “0600” is the motor winding designation, which also indicates speed. This motor has a maximum speed of 7,500 rpm.
  • “NN” means self-cooling.
  • “M1” indicates an optical encoder, multi-turn absolute Hiperface, with 128 signal periods.
  • “U” means that the motor has a 240 degree rotatable plug.
  • “P” indicates that the motor shaft has a keyway and a shaft seal ring.
  • “1” means that this motor has a 4 Nm electrical release holding brake.
  • “NNNN” means that this is the standard version rather than the explosion-proof version.

The cost of downtime vs. the cost of a repair

The cost of downtime almost always outweighs the cost of the repair. You might spend more for a professional Rexroth repair than you would for a generic third party repair, but when you consider the speed of the repair, the quality of the repair, and the peace of mind you get from a professional repair, there’s no contest.

Rexroth factory repair:

  • is fast; we offer factory repair services with 24-hour turnaround.
  • ensures access to authentic Rexroth parts.
  • fixes the problem the right way the first time.
  • comes with a one-year factory warranty.

Factory repair is the most efficient, most convenient, most economical, and the most reliable way to restore your Rexroth system. Call 479-422-0390 to repair or replace your MSK040C-0600-NN-M1-UP1-NNNN motor, or for any of your Rexroth service needs.

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