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Rexroth’s HVR Power Supply modules can operate a number of drives with just one connection to your main electrical source.

They are similar to the other power supply module in the DIAX04 family, the HVE Power Supply Module. The primary difference is that the HVR Power Supply module provides a regulated DC bus voltage. This allows excess generated energy to be routed back into the mains. The energy generated by braking is fed back into the mains with little loss.

The HVR works with motors of maximum continuous mechanical power of 36 kW. Typical applications include packaging, mounting, handling, and printing machines, tool machines, and food production.

It is important, when using the HVR Power Supply module, to use drives that are compatible in terms of the ambient temperature, humidity, and other environmental requirements. HVR Power Supply modules can’t be used under water, for example, and they won’t tolerate extreme temperatures. They also should not be used in elevators, refineries, moving vehicles, or in nuclear power plants.

HVRs may interfere with pacemakers, they can be extremely hot to the touch, and they are not suitable for medical application.

With these points in mind, HVRs are generally very flexible and are appropriate for many applications.

Here are the most common modules:


If you have a problem with your HVR, you can remove and replace the module with another HVR module without additional configuration. This helps keep downtime to a minimum. We have the largest supply of legacy Rexroth electric motion control components in the nation, and can provide emergency power supply modules by charter plane if needed.

This means that you can keep your facility up and running during factory repair and reman, with the least possible downtime. This keeps your costs in check.

Factory repair and reman send your unit back to you in like-new condition to provide years of additional service.


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