CLM Controls

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Rexroth CLM

CLM controls are modular, microprocessor-based positioning controls designed to control an Indramat AC servo system for material positioning applications. It controls the feeding of materials like sheet metal, film, or foil through a press or packaging machine, or other machines which need precisely positioned sheets or rolls of materials.

An example of a motion control system that might use a CLM could consist of an Indramat CLM control, a MAC AC servo motor, power supply and Servo controller configured to create a precise feed control system.

CLM Controls Variations

There are three types of CLM control:

  • The 1.2 is a basic control with no removable firmware.
  • The 1.3 has more options, and has removable firmware with the program held by a battery.
  • The 1.4 is the latest and last version of the CLM, with improvements in both firmware and control.

Use the pictures below to identify your control, and give us a call for service or support.

Rexroth CLM 1.2


Rexroth CLM1.3

Easily distiguished from the 1.2 by the removable Firmware/Program module just below the keypad on the right. This is where the firmware number can be found. This model uses a battery — have you changed your battery lately?


Rexroth CLM 1.4

The latest of the CLM controls, the CLM 1.4 can easily be recognized by its gray color.


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